Careundersun – accessible travel to Greece

Our company strives to ensure that travel experiences, accommodation, transfers or dialysis holidays booked with us are according to the needs of as many travellers as possible. After collecting reliable and verified information and details, we have created an easy and fast bookable touristic product with a big variety of destinations around Greece. And we are happy to serve direct clients as well as travel agent partners, elderly care facilities or dialysis centres looking for holidays for travellers with special needs.

We have invested a significant number of resources to help to ensure that the offered services are all the more accessible for people with different abilities. It is our passion to address the needs of slow walkers, disabled travellers and those with health issues, creating seamless experiences, in a way to move around and explore Greece, taking back home unforgettable memories, making new friends and learning new things.

All accommodation facilities we include in our portfolio, we do know personally and have visited them or even stayed there. There are regular site inspections and visits that allow us to always provide reliable information, having thus details of each facility and for the maximum number of travellers and their needs.

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Facilities available

Wheel in shower
Wheelchair access
Wheelchair ramps
Flat level drive
Grab rails
Shower chair
Hoists available
Electric bed
Pet friendly
Ground floor facilities

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    Location: Athens , 


    Accommodation Type: Hotel

    Board Basis: None

    Sleeps: 20

    Bedrooms: 20

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